Chamonix Meteo Conditions & Avalanche Information

Chamonix meteo/weather is prone to sudden change and varies, depending on altitude.  To ensure your own safety and best preparations, we recommend consulting at least the following before venturing into any part of the mountains.

Best local weather conditions: Chamonix Meteo.

For the high mountains: La Chamoniarde.

Detailed information on avalanche risk: Meteo France. 

Snow predictions for the Alps (and beyond): WePowder.

Snow radar: Meteox

Conditions on piste: Chamonix Snow Report.  

Snow Radar


Road Conditions

Local Meteo

Mountain Conditions

Avalanche Risk

Staying Safe

Remember, no prediction is ever perfect and it is your responsibility to ensure you have the best information available.  Check multiple reports before heading out into the mountains, seek advice from local guides if you are unsure and always make sure you are well prepared.

Chamonix is an extreme environment, we advise all mountain enthusiasts who want to venture ANYWHERE off-piste to take an avalanche course, such as those offered by Chamex.