How are the conditions in Chamonix?

We are having an AMAZING season here in Chamonix, over 4M of snow has fallen since the start of December – this is MORE than the ENTIRE season for the past 3 years. All this POW means great conditions here in Chamonix.

Both on and off piste areas are well covered, soft and when the pow comes its staying soft for days!

Here’s a little video of Pato and Amadou checking out the conditions from the top of Les Grands Montets after it was closed for close to a month following damage by Storm Eleanor. The mountain teams worked tirelessly to repair the damaged telecabine and it was worth the result!

Quite often here in Chamonix we hear people complaining about the work the mountain teams do – why are they so slow opening? Why is the mountain closed? and we wanted to assure you that this is entirely for your own safety.

Chamonix is an extreme environment – sometimes its easy to forget this with all the fun we have but our mountains are steep, covered in glaciers and very often have complex weather patterns such a totally calm in the valley, but gale force winds up high.

Each new arrival of snow typically comes with very strong winds before and after as the storms howl through the valley. The work the mountain teams do often is extremely risky and they do it for us!

So next time you are having a great day on the mountain and getting those amazing powder runs, don’t forget to give a wave or a thank you to those who are there to protect and serve us.


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